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Are you a research company conducting a telephone survey using phone calls or text messages? Are you a government agency needing to gather data from people who need to answer some questions? Are you an organization that needs to conduct telephone voting at your annual general meeting? Are you a business trying to launch a new service and want feedback?

Gathering feedback can be very useful for many purposes. AstraQom Philippines offers a robust but highly intelligent Automated Telephone Survey System designed to be customizable to fit various needs.

Do you have a list of phone numbers you need us to call for people to select options in answer? Do you want us to even route calls to live agents depending on answers? Our team of experts are able to work with you to develop the system o deliver the solution you require. Talk to us about your Philippines telephone voting or Philippines automated telephone survey needs today!

Automated phone survey
Automated phone survey

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Automated phone survey

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Automated phone survey

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Automated phone survey

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Automated phone survey

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Automated phone survey

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